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Past Projects 

Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson's Campaign 2023

Actor Isaiah Washington's Corsicana Chicago Movie Premier Debut
Chicago-based NBA Documentary featuring Sonny Parker, Tim Hardaway, and other former NBA coaches and players from Chicago
Coverage of the 59th Annual Art Biennale in Venice, Italy 2022
Coverage of the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakesh, Africa 2023
Marketing of Chicago Mahogany Tours tour bus campaign for international Chicago-base Historian Shermann “Dilla” Thomas
Coverage of Miami SCOPE Art Show, 2020 -2023 
Promotion of 2022 Top 10 CNN Hero
Marketing of International Overdose Awareness Day, Chicago 2020-2023
HBCU Legacy Week  on Martha’s Vineyard, 2022 -2023 
Coverage of Martha Vineyard's Film Festival 2022 
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